Monday, September 05, 2005

Information for you.

Since I've failed to give you any meaningful information or content, here's 100 things about me. I hate memes, but I dare not disappoint.

1) I LOVE New Orleans.
2) I was born there, and lived most of my life nearby.
3) I live in North Carolina.
4) I am finishing up a year in Iraq as a contractor.
5) I am moving to Michigan when I get back.
6) I played soccer for 10 years of my life.
7) I was in the Olympic Developmental Program for soccer in Louisiana.
8) I had to quit due to very painful bone spurs on my heels.
9) I don't get hangovers.
10) I never threw up from drinking until I met a guy named Harland.
11) I don't black out, but I do pass out.
12) No one has ever had the balls to fuck with me when I'm passed out, because they know that I'm more devious.
13) My first car was a '77 Duster.
14) I've owned three cars.
15) I drive a Toyota Echo now.
16) I'm laughing on the inside at everyone who made fun of my car now that gas prices are so high.
17) I want to drive a Corvette one day when my gas is cheap.
18) I have a spotless driving record.
19) My favorite food is crawfish etouffee.
20) I love boudin too.
21) The best steak I've ever had was prime rib at a place called Charlie Brown's Steak House in New Jersey.
22) Once I grew my hair long and tried to dye it blue.
23) It didn't work (I didn't know I was supposed to bleach it first).
24) I was born in the year of the dragon, and I'm a cancer.
25) The most horrific thing I've ever experienced physically is play-doh in my inner nasal cavity.
26) The most wonderful thing I've ever experienced was with my girlfriend.
27) I am taken, ladies, but thanks for the compliments and offers.
28) I love Seoul, too.
29) I lived there for a year when I was in the army.
30) I think that Koreans are beautiful people, with a beautiful culture and have delicious foods.
31) I've never been arrested.
32) Once I had to shackle a guy that I worked with when I was in the army.
33) I hated it, but I was under orders. He had gone AWOL.
34) The charges were dropped because he technically hadn't gone AWOL.
35) A month later, he did go AWOL.
36) I can't stand conservatives, but I am surrounded by them here.
37) I am Cajun.
38) I hate the term "coonass." Don't use it around me.
39) The best cajun accent in any movie that I've ever heard was performed by Michael Jeter in "The Green Mile."
40) I love movies.
41) I am a Star Wars geek, but you won't see me at any conventions or in my own dorky video on the internet.
42) I plan on watching every movie that ever won an Oscar for Best Picture with my girlfriend.
43) I had already seen about 1/3rd of them when we decided to do this.
44) I have every Alien movie, both Predator movies, AVP, and both AVP computer games.
45) I don't care for comic books too much, but I loved X-Men and the Incredible Hulk when I was younger.
46) I have a ridiculous amount of DVDs.
47) My favorite director is Tim Burton.
48) I have all of his movies that have been released on DVD.
49) A cinematic experience is incomplete without Sno-Caps, super buttery popcorn and a Coke.
50) I've eaten escargot. It didn't taste too good, but that may have just been how it was prepared.
51) I'll try anything once.
52) My favorite season is Autumn.
53) My favorite color is Blue.
54) My favorite ice cream is Baskin-Robbins' Gingerbread Ice Cream (only available during the holiday season).
55) My favorite holiday is Mardi Gras.
56) I don't have a favorite movie. There are too many good movies out there.
57) I love doughnuts, pecan pie and ice cream.
58) I also love broccoli, carrots, and peas. I can't stress enough how much I love broccoli. Just not boiled.
59) I despise peanut butter and brussels sprouts.
60) I believe that the universe is too vast for humans to be the only intelligent life out there.
61) I am not Christian.
62) Most Christians tend to stop talking to me when they find this out, despite how friendly we were beforehand.
63) I don't believe in ghosts, ghouls, etc.
64) Once I grew a big wooly lumberjack beard, and then couldn't cut it off because my roommate broke my clippers.
65) Later I got new clippers and cut it down to a goatee.
66) Then I joined the army and cut off the goatee.
67) I am an expert at making people shoot drinks out of their noses. We call this Snarfing.
68) I had a classmate in high school that we all knew shouldn't have gotten into Honors English. She superglued her eye shut one day.
69) I come from an area in the south in which racism is the norm. I HATE racists. This makes me a hypocrite. I'm okay with that.
70) When I was in college, I witnessed a "domestic disturbance." A man hit a woman with a baby. I called the police. After the police left, the man chased me into a graveyard, where I was able to elude him.
71) I make a mean egg sandwich, delicious sauteed mushrooms, and an exquisite spaghetti, but otherwise I cannot cook.
72) I am an IT professional.
73) I've thought about dropping my career path and going to culinary school.
74) I've also thought about teaching philosophy in college.
75) One day I will write down my beliefs in an organized fashion and found my religion.
76) When I was little I wanted to be a policeman, a fireman, a pilot, an astronaut, and a veterinarian at some point or another.
77) The Letterman Show is the only late night show I'll watch.
78) In my favorite "episode," a kindergarten class sent in a book they made featuring what each student wanted to be when they grew up. One kid wanted to be a plate.
79) I've found that if I tell people that in a conversation, they look at me funny and change the subject.
80) I am not that knowledgeable about art, but I love going to the museum to see it anyway.
81) I am not very artistic, but I have been known to draw from time to time.
82) My favorite drawing of mine involves a lemon, a naked ass, and a haiku. If you ask me nicely enough, I'll post it.
83) My favorite drawing was once featured on Digitalicat's blog.
84) I can write a humorous haiku about anything.
85) I own a $9000.00 computer. I could have built it myself for far less. It's still in the box, waiting for me in Michigan.
86) My girlfriend is also from Louisiana.
87) She already moved to Michigan.
88) I have been to Afghanistan as a soldier. It was very hot there too.
89) I was recruited to go work for White House communications as a soldier, but opted to get out of the army instead.
90) I have a quick temper.
91) I hate spending money unless it's on entertainment or my girlfriend.
92) I don't believe in exchanging gifts for holidays (except birthdays).
93) I think you should just give someone a gift whenever you feel like it. Skip the fruitcakes and ugly ties.
94) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.
95) I love getting pancakes from IHOP with butter and butter pecan syrup, and Loaded Biscuit 'N' Gravy Breakfast Bowls from Hardee's or Carl Jr.'s.
96) I don't understand why they don't just call them all "Hardee's" or "Carl Jr.'s".
97) One of my favorite things to do was sit at the Cafe Du Monde on Decatur St. in New Orleans, listen to the street musicians, and watch people go by over a cup of hot cocoa and a beignet.
98) My middle name is my father's first name and his middle name is my grandfather's first name.
99) I am a middle child.
100) The Mysterious Lubba D is my older sister and best friend.


Blogger Bridget Jones said...

so tres cool. Were the escargot heavily done in garlic? That's about the only way that they taste good, and they have to be fresh. Otherwise it's rubbery....I'm a dragon too with little patience--but then you know that already!

4:47 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

It was rubbery and they did use garlic, but they put some sort of nasty cheese and it was just gross. I am willing to give it another try, since I did try it at Steak & Ale.

11:23 PM  

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