Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What can I say?

  • When the city in which I was born, New Orleans, is underwater?
  • When there are bodies floating in the streets in some areas?
  • When the water is continuing to pour into the city even now, so flood levels are still rising?
  • When my sister, The Mysterious Lubba D, and my sister-in-law may have lost everything? They will definitely be without a place to live.
  • When my girlfriend's parents may have lost everything also?
  • When everyone I know from the entire area is facing the same circumstances?
  • When communications with anyone in the area is impossible and people that you know are unaccounted for?
  • When the city that I grew up in is so horrendously damaged?

Please, help the victims of hurricane Katrina by donating using either one of the links on the right.


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